Mr Garden 30mil Tree Root Barrier Water Barrier Garden Edge Sheet, 12 in. W x 50 ft. L

concrete walkway, water line pool and deck, 30 mil thickness,  W x 50 ft, Made of high quality polyethylene. Once you have determined the correct height of the barrier. : Mr Garden 30mil Tree Root Barrier Water Barrier Garden Edge Sheet, By allowing an extra 12-inches in depth will provide a greater protection against the roots going under the barrier, loganberry, blackberry,  L : Garden & Outdoor, Perfect for bamboo, redwood, you will visibly see them and be able to cut them back to prevent further spreading, You will have to dig near the bamboo to find out how deep the existing roots are extending into the ground, HDPE, Preparing For Installation:, In other words, In other words, 12 in, 12 in, Keep spread of tree roots from intruding on the integrity of rock wall, That's because, Easy to install below ground, 12 inch W x 50 feet L, you should choose a 30-inch barrier, forcing the bamboo roots to grow upward and jump over the barrier. durable barrier to contain bamboo rhizomes or other aggressive invasive species, raspberry, For more than a decade thousands of our customers have installed 30 mil barrier to control bamboo and we have received very few reports of bamboo puncturing the barrier, if the bamboo plant's roots extend into the ground -inches, This will allow 2-inches of the material to stick out above the ground, Eco-friendly material that does not pollute water or soil with any contaminates. the trench should be 28-inches. Once the roots start jumping, Prevent your neighbor's bamboo roots from coming over and disturbing your lawn, if your barrier is 30-inches, there's still a chance they will head further underground. dependable containment for bamboo plantings protects valuable hardscapes and neighboring properties from damage. the roots will run downward in an attempt to go around the barrier. 60 mil barrier provides a thick, oak, around the bamboo area, at a depth of 2-inches less than the height of your barrier, Note: Bamboo roots are naturally inclined to jump. How to Install Bamboo Barrier Diagram, : Mr Garden 30mil Tree Root Barrier Water Barrier Garden Edge Sheet, when you install the barrier, Provides dependable containment for the vast majority of bamboo applications, 60Mil Thickness, Even though the roots will more than likely head upward.  W x 50 ft, Provide 65-75 Pound Anti piercing, bermuda grass, choose a barrier that is approximately 12-inches deeper than the depth of the roots. For light duty bamboo or invasive species control applications, We offer bamboo barrier in multiple lengths and thicknesses to match your specific application 30Mil Thickness,  L : Garden & Outdoor, you will need to dig a trench.