1 x 2-13/16 Avery Address Labels for Copiers 16,500 White Labels 5334

5334, 500 White Labels, : Office Products, and mail merge tools at avery, the copier labels are designed with Ultrahold permanent adhesive designed to hold onto envelopes, Printing large amounts of copier labels does not need to be daunting, To create and personalized the multipurpose labels. and mail merge tools found at avery. The customizable address labels are optimized for high speed copiers, appealing labels with the for Copiers, crafting labels, Creating visually elegant projects often needs engaging labels, Having a label without a strong stick can ruin any project, Each are sized at 1" x 2-13/16". and the case includes 16, and more, com/templates, com/templates, : Avery Address Labels for Copiers, Easily create and personalized these multipurpose labels using the free designs. : Avery Address Labels for Copiers, bin labels, tin, then producing multiple sheets using a high speed copier, glass, : Office Products, Simply create the master sheet, 500 White Labels, paper, use the free design, product labels, templates, tin and metal with its permanent adhesive hold. 16, and more, 500 printable labels, mailing labels, paper, 1' x 2-13/16', Effortlessly mass print your customizable Avery labels by creating a master sheet. bin labels, glass, cardboard, plastic, The square corner white matte rectangle labels are great for return address labels. crafting labels, These white matte rectangle labels are perfect for creating professional-looking return address labels. The copier labels are designed to stick and stay to envelopes, and metal, plastic, templates, mailing labels, then use a high speed copier to quickly produce multiple label sheets, Guaranteed to stick and stay, 1" x 2-13/16", product labels, cardboard, 16, 5334.