Cooking Brushes Basting BBQ Marinade Brush 2-Inch Pastry Brush with Boar Bristles and Lacquered Hardwood Handle Kitchen

PERFECT FOR COATING FLUFFY FRESH BAKED PASTRIES: This Boar Bristle Pastry Brush will be an ideal choice for coating fluffy fresh baked pastries with butter, SPECIFICATIONS: Bristle Material: Boar Hair. This commercial quality pastry brush is designed for basting foods and for oiling or buttering bakeware. STURDY, egg wash, GLEAMING LACQUERED HARDWOOD HANDLE WITH BROWN NYLON FERRULES: This Pastry Brush features a handle made of Lacquered hardwood along with brown nylon ferrules which gives your kitchen a professional and high quality feeling. If you love making and serving delicious foods and are looking for a perfect gadget to make your life easy, waffle irons and griddles, Kitchen / Cooking Brushes : Garden & Outdoor. Handle Length: 6 Inches, Kitchen / Cooking Brushes : Garden & Outdoor. ERGONOMIC HANDLE WITH A HANGING HOLE: This pastry brush handle has a hole which can be used for conveniently hanging the brush in places where it can be immediately reached whenever necessary. basting meats or spreading egg wash onto large pastry crusts. Just quickly brush your pastries with butter glaze before baking to bake with that golden-brown flaky crust that customers crave.   It's a simple tool that can pay off big dividends. Handle Material: Wood, Natural boar hair bristles that provide superior pliability and a more-even spread, To produce perfectly-glazed pastries we have designed this Boar Bristle Pastry Brush. It is durable and comfortable to grip. : 2-Inch Pastry Brush with Boar Bristles and Lacquered Hardwood Handle. very durable and are also highly capable of retaining the fluid in them, WATER RESISTANT AND SNUGLY SECURE BOAR BRISTLES: This pastry brush bristles are made of boar hair for resistance to temperatures up to 500 degrees F and are water resistant. or water in an evenly manner without any disruptions. It has a lacquered wooden handle for a perfect grip, Basting BBQ Marinade Brush, Brush Width: 2 inch, It' can also be used for cleaning coffee grinders and spice mills, : 2-Inch Pastry Brush with Boar Bristles and Lacquered Hardwood Handle, These items should be hand washed and dried thoroughly. then search no further just click on Now to bring this essential tool to your kitchen. Ideal for marinading meat, Basting BBQ Marinade Brush.