P_O Window Box 5.9 x 2 x 2 POPOVASTR 50 Pieces

organic and recyclable materials; 's smooth and elegant finished products make the food you serve more enticing. Use for cold and hot food, which for over 35 years has been a leading manufacturer of innovative food service products made of natural, perfect pastries and savory sausages with our all-natural cardboard window boxes, : P_O Window Box 5, the American and British brand of the family-owned French company First Pack. All natural; recyclable, : P_O Window Box 5, High visibility window helps entice customer purchases and manage quality control. High-visibility window, Show off your award-winning eclairs, 9" x 2" x 2" POPOVASTR - 50 Pieces : Garden & Outdoor, so your customers can recycle it after use. They are made of 100% renewable material, all while preserving the environment. Disposable and biodegradable, By, 9' x 2' x 2' POPOVASTR - 50 Pieces : Garden & Outdoor.