Exo Terra Breeding Box

: Exo Terra Exo Terra Breeding Box. Side-angled ventilation slits, Size: Large - 415 x 265 x 148 mm, 16, 4\U201D X 5, \n\the angled ventilation provides an optimal air-flow at all times, : Reptile Houses : Pet Supplies. 415 X 265 X 148 Mm, 8\u201D, 16, The special feeding door at the front of the lid allows access for feeding and watering. 3\U201D X 10, Ideal to transport terrarium animals or live foods. 8\U201D, Special feeding door, Large, 4\u201D x 5, This makes feeding easy and prevents stress since the unit does not have to be moved in order to access it, even when the unit is stacked, Stackable for display or breeding purposes. 3\u201D x 10, even when the units are stacked.