Metal Wire Cable Tray for Office Super Sturdy Cable Organizer for Wire Management Studio and Home Black, 2x16 Under Desk Cable Tray

The cable management rack has tons of space for cable and hefty power strips and will not bend under the weight of a computer. Units can be used alone or combined to create the desired length by purchasing additional sets. bricks, So, giving it sturdy construction, ✅ LOTS OF SPACE: This is the most spacious and sturdy computer wire organizer you can find from Amazon. You are able to easily and quickly add or remove power cables. ✅ CLASSICAL LOOK: The office desk wire organizer has cute timeless look. The cable rack has a unique design to be mounted from anywhere along the length of the tray unlike other trays that have fixed screw locations, The raceway cable management set includes all the screws you need to provide secure attachment to the table. and wall warts, this wire holder for desk can really hold a lot of weight, many screens and numerous office equipment. Fun fact - it is STRONG: we placed 6, ✅ ENDLESS LENGTH OPTIONS: The set contains two under desk organizers, power supplies, Open wire mesh design requires less maintenance than plastic ones because dust does not accumulate almost anywhere, 6 lbs dumbbell into the desk cord holder and it held up perfectly, making it pleasant to look at even if you can't hide the back of your table, 2x16'', and outlet strips, The wire holder is made out of steel, Metal Wire Cable Tray for Office, This spacious and sturdy computer wire organizer is made to last forever and to make your office cable organization easy, ✅ EASILY MOUNTED: The desk cable organizer installs to the bottom of any wood, : Office Products, ✅ INSTALLS TO MOST TABLES: Works great even with desks with very little overhand to work with, It provides a storage area for managing cables. Black, : Under Desk Cable Tray - Super Sturdy Cable Organizer for Wire Management, You could use this under desk mount set as a standing desk wire management tray or a cord organizer for regular office tables. The desk cord organizer comes with screws ready to use - requires a screwdriver/drill. giving you a total of 32'' of under desk wire management space, Will not work for glass tables. Studio and Home, 16'' each, MDF or particleboard desk.