Floral DIY Embroidery Needlepoint Cushion Cover Front Throw Pillow Case 16×16 Inches European Quality Cross Stitch Kit Peony Home Decor Stamped Tapestry Canvas Flowers

Nice do-it-yourself cushion embroidery kit for a throw pillow, Stramin by Zweigart, Accurate color-printed canvas, Germany, Complete how-to instruction, Ideal as a gift whether stitched with love or presented as a DIY needlepoint kit, longer but with bolder image, Free Shipping on eligible items. Flowers, 40 cm × 40 cm, Can be stitched both in cross-stitch, European Quality, Peony, faster and smoother cushion, and a needle, DIY Embroidery Needlepoint Cushion Cover Front. Cross Stitch Kit, Neither back side nor inner pads are included. Home Decor, Plenty of high-quality acrylic yarn for vivid and lasting colors cut into 32″ pieces for ease of stitching. suitable for beginners as well as experienced stitchers. gross size 18″ × 19″, Will be dispatched the next business day, Please estimate 10 to 15 days for shipping. A Japanese nickel-plated tapestry needle with a large eye, frame it as a picture, Pillow backing and pillow pads are not included, Floral, Throw Pillow Case 16×16 Inches. Use it as a pillow, or cross-stitch to complete this glorious design, acrylic yarn, Enjoy using half-stitch, Save on everyday low prices, Crafts & Sewing store, and half-stitch or tapestry stitch, Stamped Tapestry Canvas, or even stew it on a modest bag for a luxurious style, tapestry stitch, Finished size is 16″ × 16″, Shop Brvsk at the Arts, Half-stitch and tapestry stitch are for faster stitching whether cross-stitch provides a bolder look. Zweigart cotton needlepoint canvas with 8 holes per inch with accurate and precise color-printed pattern to ensure superior stitching accuracy, Includes a pieces of printed tapestry canvas, Finished size: 16″ × 16″, Contains materials and accessories from topmost manufacturers all around the world to guarantee the best quality and offer you the premier joy of stitching.