Ponds & Fountains SYILIN Portable Pool Vacuum Jet Cleaner W/Brush for Above Ground Swimming Pool

1 * Mesh Bag, : SYILIN Portable Pool Vacuum Jet Cleaner W/Brush, EASY TO USE: Easy to install, HIGH QUALITY AND DURABLE: This pool jet vacuum cleaner is made of high quality plastic material and nylon fine mesh bag, 1 * Handles, fountain, it is easy to carry, PORTABLE POOL VACUUM DESIGNS: It designs with Suction & Mesh Bag. 1 * Water Inlet, for Above Ground Swimming Pool, Perfect for cleaning swimming pool. : SYILIN Portable Pool Vacuum Jet Cleaner W/Brush, for Above Ground Swimming Pool. can be a good substitute for expensive pool vacuum help you to save money. 1 * Quick Connerctor, no filter system needed, spas ect, That will draw leaves and other debris into the collection bag, simply easily to any standard garden hose or vacuum hose and as soon as the water was turned on. its got to work, not need batteries, Keep your pools clean and fresh with this pool maintenance kit. The water from the hose enters the vacuum and creates a suction effect, 1 * Connecting Stick, PACKAGE INCLUDING: 1 * Pool Vacuum Cleaner. Ponds & Fountains : Garden & Outdoor. WORKING PRINCIPLE: This is simply powered by the water pressure from a garden hose. splasher pools, pond, Ponds & Fountains : Garden & Outdoor.