Westcott Ice Light 2 Light w/Barn Doors

US/CA Plug, meaning your subject will be presented in near perfect light, Must-have portable light for pro photographers and filmmakers Extremely durable all-inclusive design Removable barndoors for increased light control No additional softboxes or modifiers necessary Ice Light Barn Doors, 000 hours use, and Barn Doors, WIDE LIGHT SPREAD: Unlike traditional LED panels, Ice Light 2 is engineered with a patented LED technology offering 50% brighter outputs than the original. IMPRESSIVE OUTPUT: For effective use in film and photography, 740 lumens of beautiful daylight-balanced output while maintaining a compact housing, BUNDLE INCLUDES: Westcott Ice Light 2 Daylight LED Light, IMPROVED LIGHT PURITY: On a scale of 100. no extra hardware needed, This casts a wide spread of incredibly soft light over a large area. : Camera & Photo, These impressive LEDs are daylight-balanced at 5500K and are rated for over 50, Light w/Barn Doors, the Color Rendering Index, Ice Light 2 Daylight LED Light. : Westcott Ice Light 2, The Ice Light 2 sports a stunning 97 CRI. skin tones and hues, Light w/Barn Doors, Direct light where you want it to go Long doors prevent light spill Control light by adjusting barn door Snaps into place, Ice Light 2 offers 1, : Camera & Photo, CRI, : Westcott Ice Light 2, SUPERIOR LEDS: Ice Light 2's LEDs are highly efficient and pure in color with low energy consumption and a long lifespan. the Ice Light has a built-in diffuser that is custom-designed to protect the LEDs and create a 73-degree beam angle. measures a light's ability to reveal accurate colors. US/CA Plug.