Single use 5 Lucky in Love Wedding Disposable Cameras Flash WM-53285-C Anniversary

Anniversary, Single use, Flash WM-53285-C : Camera & Photo, Flash WM-53285-C : Camera & Photo, the second for HOPE, single-use camera, : 5 Lucky in Love Wedding Disposable Cameras. Free tent cards, : 5 Lucky in Love Wedding Disposable Cameras, One leaf is for FAITH, One for each camera, ready to use, 24 exposure FUJI high speed 35MM color film. Lucky In Love Disposable Cameras, single-use camera, 24 exposure FUJIFILM high speed 35MM color film -- genuine FUJI film directly from the factory, Green and white background, the third for LOVE, the perfect symbol of love, Built-in one-touch power flash, Free tent cards, Anniversary Cameras, Each camera is packaged in a clear polybag. One for each camera, Built-in one-touch power flash, Disposable camera, Wedding Cameras, Design created and manufactured in the USA by CustomCameraCollection, Single use, may contain refurbished camera parts. comes with battery, Lucky in Love on front and back. comes with battery, and the 4th for LUCK, Disposable camera, Anniversary, Design created and manufactured by CustomCameraCollection. The four leaf clover means good luck, ready to use, Manufactured in the USA by CustomCameraCollection.