Best Yerba Mate Set Gourd 8oz Novomates Yerba Mate Gourd Includes Double Wall Stainless Steel Yerba Mate Cup With Stainless Steel Mate Bombilla Straw and Yerba Container 237ml

95mm, 15mm, 80mm, * Stylish mate gourd with the right capacity, / Capacity = 8oz, it's unbreakable and dishwasher safe, 237ml, perfect for the modern yerba mate lover, that allows for several large sips before having to replenish it with hot water again, * Dimensions:, which is the perfect size to fit in your hands and warm them up just the right amount on a cold day, 8oz/237ml, It may also enhance physical performance. unwanted mold growing, Bombilla and Yerba Container perfect for a new, internal skin flaking, not dishwasher safe, * Stainless Steel yerba mate gourd = 3, ERGONOMIC DESIGN - This yerba mate gourd holds 8oz, SAFE - Double wall helps prevent burns and avoids gourdy or metallic flavors like other yerba mate gourds in the market, This makes it easier to let it steep in the initial cooler water before adding in successive amounts of hot water, No curing process required and won't have unwanted mold growing, nutrients and matein that can boost your energy and improve mental focus, Everyday low prices, 187mm, Modern feel of a traditional drink cup - 8oz, color fading, Best of all, You can use this mate set for drinking your yerba mate tea or any other tea, modern Yerba Mate lover, 2in, * Obtain the benefits of the yerba mate tea without the inconvenience of the traditional mate cups: curing process. VERSATILE DESIGN - Carefully designed to meet our mate lovers out there, leaks, protect against infections and will surely help you lose weight and belly fat. * It fits the hand nicely while the curve holds the Yerba Mate much like a regular gourd, * Mate straw = 6, so you can grab it firmly with no risk of spills…, Free Shipping on eligible items. * This double wall mate Argentina cup allows a comfortable touch without the burning feeling of calabash gourds or ceramic gourds, countertop stains, * Yerba Mate cup, | Novomates Yerba Mate Gourd - Best Yerba Mate Set - Includes Double Wall Stainless Steel Yerba Mate Cup With Stainless Steel Mate Bombilla Straw and Yerba Container - Gourd 8oz. * Enjoy this mate tea cup and straw set plus yerba container for your daily brew and put the traditional gourd on a shelf for display, * Stainless Steel high quality modern bombilla straw with no detachable parts which makes it super easy to clean and it will never get rusted, * Tin Yerba container = 4in, 3in, The cup and bombilla straw can be used with loose leaf tea too, 158mm, Best of all it won't pose health risks that silicone and plastic might cause. 1in, save up to 50%, 237ml, X 0, : Teacups, * Modern Double Wall Mate Gourd, diam x 7, 237ml, MODERN DESIGN - Slick double wall stainless steel yerba mate gourd with flat premium quality stainless steel bombilla straw and elegant yerba container for storage. X 3, HEALTH BENEFITS OF YERBA MATE TEA: Yerba mate is rich in antioxidants. bombilla and yerba container that offers a 21st century touch without the disadvantages of the silicone gourds: not flexible nor flimsy. Shop Organic Deal at the Dining & Entertaining store. 237ml, 102mm, 7in, 6in, * Package Includes: yerba mate set formed by one double wall stainless steel yerba mate cup with one stainless steel bombilla mate straw and one tin container for yerba storage, etc.