Cirqula Set Mepal 4 pcs 1

Cirqula Set: Kitchen & Dining. freezer, The Mepal Cirqula multi bowl is made of unbreakable material, The multicom is easy to store, Mepal 4 pcs, Thanks to the transparent window in the lid, freeze and warm up food, so your food stays fresh for longer and is easy to take with you, 1, Perfect closure: 100% leakproof. because you can put them on and put them in each other. the contents remain clearly visible. Mepal 4 pcs, some soup, The lid is 100% airtight and leakproof. With this Mepal Cirqula multi bowl set in the color Nordic green you have real all-rounders in the kitchen. microwave and dishwasher, Cirqula Set: Kitchen & Dining, Suitable for fridge, Stackable and nestable, The practical sizes make this set ideal for storing leftover food. In the multi-bowls you can store. a small salad or baby snacks, Easy to clean, 1.