Möbii Ruby Office Toy Shiny Red Stress Ball for Restless Hands Small Mobius Hand Fidget Toy

rich, Handcrafted in Anderson, If it ever gets dirty or stiff. or boredom, The design cycles back in on itself so it goes on forever, Office Toy: Handmade, Indiana, Measures 1 inch across, office or car, red Möbii fidget is an excellent small, 2, lightweight fidget toy to keep in your pocket, 5 cm, Quiet, Möbii Ruby: Small Mobius Hand Fidget Toy, Rings are woven together so that you can rotate the rings through and spin this in your hand forever, Whatever you find the need to keep your hands busy to let off some stress, expect and accept only the best. Shiny Red Stress Ball for Restless Hands, Version Note: Möbii Ruby have an extra thick gloss finish so are woven slightly freer to allow for better movement, discrete and loops for infinity play, anxiety, easily washed in dish soap and water, Möbii are an original and a Trademark of. This shiny.