11lb Tyvek PC1102PL-50 9 x 12 Open End Envelopes Brochures and More | Perfect for mailing Documents 50 Qty Promotional Material Direct Mail Catalogs

Magazines, : 9 x 12 Open End Envelopes - 11lb. Tyvek, magazines, sales literature, Annual Reports, x 12 in, Click the yellow button "" now. 50 Qty, Catalogs, Personal Mail, brochures, These top quality envelopes are sealed by Peel & Seel located on the inside of the back flap. Invitations and so much more, Tyvek are a professional way to send flat but bulky materials like pamphlets. Quantity: Pack of 50, Printable on off-set printing presses and some home printers. Applications: Business Mailings, booklets, If you're looking for the perfect envelope to stand out. Direct Mail, Financial Mailings, Brochures and More | PC1102PL-50 : Office Products, annual reports, Brochures, Promotional Material, 9 x Open End Envelopes are the perfect choice and an amazing value. or catalogs, Save the time and expense of separately addressing envelopes by position the address to show through the window, Color: 11lb, Tyvek, 9 x Open End Envelopes in lb, USES: Catalogs, Direct Mail, with an endless amount of uses, Corporate Mailings, | Perfect for mailing Documents, / 9" x 12" / 229mm x 305mm, Size: 9 x 12 Open End Envelopes / 9 in.