2.75 x 7 REDIFORM Rent Receipt Book 8L801 100 Pages

Product Description Rent receipt book, From the Manufacturer Rent Receipt Book offers 100 numbered carbonless receipts in duplicate form with original in blue tinted white and duplicate in yellow. Manifold book with flexible cover, : REDIFORM Rent Receipt Book, : REDIFORM Rent Receipt Book, 2, 2 part carbonless forms, white/yellow, Receipts include space for name and address of person paying the rent and place to check off whether the money is paid in cash, 8L801, 2-part, 1 per page, white/yellow, 100 carbonless numbered receipts, Includes stop card to prevent write-through, 1 per page, : Blank Receipt Forms : Office Products, 75 x 7', 100 numbered receipts, Manifold book with flexible cover. 8L801, Rent receipt book, 100 Pages, by check or by money order, 75 x 7", : Blank Receipt Forms : Office Products, 2, 100 Pages.