Two Set Reed- Bass/Male Kirtan Bhajan 2 Drone Mantra Tuning: 440Hz OM Mini Traveler Harmonium- 2¾ Octave By Kaayna Musicals-Portable Suitable for Yoga Gig Bag Peti Baja 4 Stops Dark Color

Note: The size is approximate. ✔ SUPER FINE QUALITY, Two Set Reed- Bass/Male, One Mini Om Traveler Harmonium . One Padded Gig Bag , SEVEN FOLD BELLOW, you sacrifice no sound by getting a portable one, Hand Made Product thus Machine Quality Finish Not Possible, Note: The weight is approximate,  , Scratch Mark, 2 Drone,  , Baja, 2 Drone, Suitable for Yoga, 100% Copy Not Possible, x 35 CM x 28 CM, Dark Color, 
7 KG To 8 KG, small dent/mark may be there, Baja, Seven Fold Bellows For Easy Pumping, HARMONIUM OPEN: 48 CM, Indian Cedar, UK MAY NEED TO PAY CUSTOM TAXES AT THE TIME OF DELIVERY AS PER THE LAW OF YOUR COUNTRY GOVERNMENT. Gig Bag, BUYER FROM EUROPE, 2¾ OCTAVES, Suitable for Yoga, Mantra: Musical Instruments, Two Set Brass Reed- BASS & MALE, In general, since it’s lot easier to carry a harmonium this way than by the two side handles of a regular harmonium. Tuning: 440Hz, Because this is a handmade product, DELIVERY WITH IN 4 TO 6 DAY VIA DHL/FEDEX/UPS, ✔ TRAVELER HARMONIUM Safri/Portable/Traveler harmoniums fold up into a suitcase-like box ½ to 2/3 of their regular height. ✔Sizes,  COMPACT SIZE, ✔ GENUINE PRODUCT / AUTHORIZED SELLER  KAAYNA MUSICALS . Buy OM Mini Traveler Harmonium- 2¾ Octave By Kaayna Musicals-Portable. Dark Color  , Bhajan, Tuned: 440Hz, OM TRAVELER HARMONIUM, to 2 KG, X 35 CM, 4 Stops- 2 Main Stops & 2 Drones. ✔ 32 KEY, Gig Bag, Mantra: Harmoniums - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. weight can fluctuate up to 1 KG. Two Set Reed- Bass/Male, If you are traveling around a lot with your instrument this is an attractive option, X 20 CM, Kirtan, HARMONIUM CLOSED: 48 CM, Bright Nickeled Brass Knobs , 4 Stops, ✔ 100% SATISFACTION, Made With Dried Indian Wood - Kail & Marandi. Can Sustain Sound, 2¾ Octaves & 32 Keys, OM Mini Traveler Harmonium- 2¾ Octave By Kaayna Musicals-Portable. Because this is a handmade product. ✔ TUNED = 440 Hz, Kirtan, Bhajan, 
✔Weight, ✔ BRAND NEW HAND MADE INDIAN MUSICALS INSTRUMENT, Peti, ✔ PACKAGE CONTAINS , size can fluctuate up to 2 to 3 CM, Wooden Frame on Keys , ✔ HIGH QUALITY TWO SET OF BASS-MALE REEDS. Tuning: 440Hz, There is a handle in front so that they can be carried with one hand like a suitcase. 4 STOPS- 2 MAIN & 2 DRONES, Peti, ✔ KEY FEATURES ,  , CUSTOM TAXES NOT APPLICABLE FOR USA DELIVERY ADDRESS ONLY. NOTE: CUSTOM TAXES NOT INCLUDED, Dark Color, 4 Stops.