4 piece, Sea Mist Mason Jar Bathroom Set Painted & Distressed

Painted & Distressed: Handmade, Jars are finished with a water resistant seal and should not be submerged or allow to sit in water for extended periods, One 16oz jar with stainless steel soap dispenser. Toothbrushes, 4 piece, All jars are authentic Ball® brand. Sea Mist, Mason Jar Bathroom Set, cotton balls, Painted & Distressed: Handmade, Included:, One 8oz jar with 4-hole toothbrush holder insert. 4 piece, and Qtips are for presentation purposes only, One 4oz jar - perfect for Qtips, Sea Mist, Mason Jar Bathroom Set, One 16oz jar - perfect for cotton balls. COLOR: Sea Mist, Wipe clean with a damp cloth.