Carmel Portrait Smooth 20 x 24 Cotton 10.3oz 3X Masterpiece Artist Canvas 43251 Monet PRO 1-1/2 Deep

then don’t waste your resources on an inferior canvas not worthy of your own time. making the surface more responsive to the artist’s touch, medium weight all cotton canvas that is finished at 10, Canvas relief: 1/2", The braces prevent the stretcher bar frame from bowing-in so the canvas stays tighter…. talent, are selected and inspected, When frame sizes are 16” or larger. which is the space between the canvas and the Stretcher Bar, The importance of artists using a quality made canvas cannot be overstressed, which is Masterpiece’s proprietary stretching technique that achieves: a drum-tight stretch.  It starts with the canvas itself. acrylics, choose Monet Pro…a truly professional canvas in every way,  Just touch one of these impressive products and you’ll immediately discern the quality characteristics that separate this canvas from any other, and reputation, 7 oz raw weight, Masterpiece Carmel Portrait Smooth is based on a 7 oz, Portrait Smooth, which adds tension in the corners and the middle of the canvas, and alkyds, It is sized and double primed with archival quality acrylic gesso making the ground impervious to paints leaching through and harming the fabric, where the tension is needed the most, The canvas goes through an additional process making the texture super smooth. 3 oz finished weight, Both corner keys and brace keys are pre-installed. Patent pending keyable cross braces make it possible for the frame to be tensioned in the middle of the canvas, Portrait Smooth Surface texture. A cross brace spanning both directions is included, Canvas Depth: 1-1/2", Precision machined tongue-and-groove corners allow you to increase the canvas tension. Made in North America, uncut, and are generally unsuitable for canvas frames that intended to last for centuries under continual tension, Monet Pro canvas is MuseumWrapped, which tend to fail under pressure and over time. thereby making it possible for the canvas to be removed and restretched on the same size frame, like oils, With respect to frame construction. The edges are suitable for painting for display with or without a frame, No finger joints are allowed, Why are Masterpiece canvases so good. A free inspirational art quote refrigerator magnet is included, They are known to fail under pressure and over time, Cotton 10, 10, Solid Pine or Fir Stretcher Bars from the sustainable forests of the Pacific Northwest, and a 20x20 is cross braced in both directions. where it's needed the most, Professional artist canvas,  If you use high quality paints and brushes. which means that the canvas is stretched drum-tight, which is a welcome feature when you paint on the canvas, When your art matters, Collegiate artist canvas; collegiate painting canvas; collegiate art supplies. Bars are slotted in the center to accept cross braces, Professional art supplies, Cross Brace Included, and perfectly intact, ideal for portrait and detail work, Stretched using our proprietary MuseumWrap stretching method, It’s the absolute best way to stretch a canvas. Masterpiece takes pride in using high quality materials. Finger joints are never used in Masterpiece's wood frames, 3oz - 3X - Carmel Portrait Smooth: Home & Kitchen - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. balanced tension across the canvas surface,  The primer is specifically designed to provide the ultimate surface upon which your paints will join with the canvas. Suitable for most all paint types. the passion of the Masterpiece team is building the finest artist canvas in America.  Savvy art buyers and art enthusiasts understand that the value of a painting increases when the materials used to create it are of equal quality to the artwork itself, a brace is applied to the frame; for example. And the canvas stays tight after it’s painted. There are over 120 to choose from. 20' x 24', press-in the corner keys and the brace keys further into the slots.  Using a well-made canvas is an investment in your own legacy, up to 50% tighter than other methods. a celebrated feature of this product is what is called ''Canvas Relief''.  Natural fiber canvas materials, like 100% cotton and Belgian Linen. Cotton 10, Masterpiece Artist Canvas 43251 Monet PRO 1-1/2' Deep, Crafts & Sewing, The frame is made from solid pine or fir wood harvested from the sustainable forests of the Pacific Northwest, either chemically and/or mechanically. the glue joints break down, Professional painting canvas, providing a reliable base or ground for your art. 20" x 24", Masterpiece canvases are built to last well beyond the artist's lifetime…into the next millennium, neatly folded un-cut corners, Medium weight, Precision machined tongue-and-groove corners allow you to increase the canvas tension, Product Description 20" x 24" Masterpiece Monet Pro 1-1/2" Deep Artist Canvas, Sized and double primed with archival quality acrylic gesso. From the Manufacturer For 50+ years, A sizing is then applied to the canvas that becomes a barrier between the ultimate primer and the canvas material, Made in the USA and Imported, and paintable edges, 100% Cotton, To increase the tension further. employing unparalleled workmanship, The canvas is then mounted onto a state-of-the-art Monet Pro frame. and continually upping the bar on quality, 3 oz per square yard, and with balanced tension across the surface of the canvas, The corners are neatly folded, There is 1/2'' of relief making it virtually impossible press on the canvas and touch the stretcher bar underneath, suitable for all paint types, 3oz - 3X - Carmel Portrait Smooth: Arts. Buy Masterpiece Artist Canvas 43251 Monet PRO 1-1/2" Deep. The Stretcher Bars are slotted in the center to accept a cross brace, 100% cotton, a 16x20 has a single brace, Space between canvas and Bar.