Mary Meyer Soothie Security Blanket Sweet Cactus 10 x 10-inches

MACHINE WASHABLE: Care for by washing in cold water on gentle cycle. Wash in cold water on gentle cycle, Whether it's picking out the perfect gift for a loved one. In 1933, a flower on top, it's love you can feel, started sewing unique companions for her children and neighbors, premium fabrics of our soft toys—when it comes to. babies love to chew on the bunched up fabric, air dry, PETITE SOOTHIE BLANKET: Huggable soft toy atop attached 10 x 10-inch square blanket will be a treasured lovey and makes for fun times playing peekaboo with baby, and arms stretched out for a hug. DESIGNED FOR CUDDLING: Luxuriously soft blanket's pink top is a fun. Soothie Blankets get a knowing laugh, fresh take on Southwest style, 10 x 10-inches, underside is smooth sage green lining; features gathered corners that babies love to explore and chew on, SWEET CACTUS: Soft toy on top is a green cactus made with wide corduroy fabric; this cutie has embroidered rosy cheeks, air dry, Mary's grandchildren and great-grandchildren continue that same tradition of building care and comfort into everything they create, or cuddling up with and enjoying the luxurious. Sweet Cactus: Baby, Mary Meyer Soothie Security Blanket. receiving a toy friend that will become a best buddy. here in the hills of Vermont, You’ll love the sweet smiling faces that engage baby and familiar everyday objects full of personality. To this day, Each Soothie is a soft toy atop an attached 10 x 10-inch blanket with gathered corners. As much fun for mom as for baby, Both the petite blanket and toy are super soft for babies in fabric textures that are fun for little fingers to explore, PREMIUM BABY SHOWER GIFTS: Moms and babies love these blankets topped with everyday objects that come alive with personality while they keep baby engaged and comforted. Cactus has an embroidered face with a sweet expression and rosy cheeks—this character adds a touch of kawaii style to the nursery.