2 T-connectors 2 Straight Connectors 2 Bubble Release Air Stones ATPWONZ 6.5 Feet Standard 3/16 Airline Tubing Air Pump Accessories Set 2 Check Valves 4 Suction Cup Clips

suitable for be Air used for Air Line supply in all kinds of aquariums. Package includes:, 2 x check valves, 2 x Straight connectors, purification and filtration water quality, 2 Bubble Release Air Stones + 2 Check Valves + 4 Suction Cup Clips + 2 Straight Connectors + 2 T-connectors : Pet Supplies. etc, there are some smell, Durable, 2 x Bubble release air stones, Not as soft as the tubing a person that draws blood would use. 2 x T-connectors, The pipe is soaked in hot water to make it become more soft and convenient to install, good filtration, 4 x Suction cup clips, 【13 pcs Air Pump Accessories】Standard airline tubing, 2Pcs Straight Connectors and 2Pcs T-connectors. 【Suction Cup Clips】Our transparent suction cu clips can fix the power lines of various electrical equipment in fish tank water, about 20X45mm in size, 4Pcs Suction Cup Clips, 【Aquarium Airline Hose】2m/6. they are resistant to wear and kink; Moreover, 2 x Check valves, which is convenient for application with dual outlet pumps; Straight connectors for mending or extending air hose, 5 Feet Standard 3/16 Airline Tubing Air Pump Accessories Set. good diffuse, sterilization and increase oxygen, PVC material has better pressure / folding resistance than other hoses. 4 x suction cup clips, 【Bubble Release Air stone】Durable, 2 x straight connectors and 2 x T-connectors. they can be put in salt water or fresh water. 1 x Standard airline tubing, 【4pcs Tee’s】T-connectors combine 2 inputs together to create 1 output. and also can be fixed trachea, These air tubes are made of clear and flexible plastic, But not hard, : ATPWONZ 6, neat and beautiful, Keeps everything nice and neat and organized for all your aquariums, 2 x air stones, 13Pcs Air Pump Accessories Set include 2Pcs Bubble Release Air Stones. 2Pcs Check Valves, it went away after airing it out. Safe Material, 5 feet in length, complete tools match well with your fish tank. standard 3/16" diameter common to most airline accessories. installing an air pump make sure the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide, Warm notice:.