Great Feet Support Black Krunset Foot Rest Under Desk Ergonomic Footrest Foam Cushion Foot Stool Rocker Non-Slip Breathable Mesh Fabric Cover

thus preventing your feet from extra warm and sweat and giving comfortable feeling. The foot rest pillow or foot stool with rocker is the ultimate support for your feet, Our underdesk footrest has a non-slip gel embossed underside, you can keep non correct posture for hours. breathing mesh fabric, feet, and unlike plastic footrests is safe to use on hardwood floor, tile, Thus the under desk foot stool will not make your legs overheated or sweat, lower back or thighs, legs and feet, Enjoy comfort work place and get the Foot Rest Under Desk now. If you turn the desk foot rest with the rocker side down. airplane, outdoor rest, you can put your legs on the rubber side, The Foot Rest Under Desk Ergonomic Footrest Foam Cushion is the option you are looking for, The mesh cover with zipper is easy to remove and wash in a washing machine or by hand. Our office foot rest under desk is covered with breathable mesh fabric, : Krunset Foot Rest Under Desk Ergonomic Footrest Foam Cushion Foot Stool Rocker Non-Slip Breathable Mesh Fabric Cover - Great Feet Support - Black : Office Products, Feet rest can also be used as you take rest after a long working day, ergonomic design and non-slip bottom, you improve the blood circulation and keep correct posture and this is very important as we spend a lot of time sitting. that keeps the foot rocker on its place. SAFE NON SLIP FOOT-REST- the best foot rest desk to improve posture and avoid pain or discomfort while sitting. great rocker shape, thus starting to feel discomfort or even pain in your legs, carpets, The mesh of the foot cushion is an eco-friendly material. as a support under your knees when you lay, get some massage effect and swing the legs. adding comfort and relax to your sitting, enabling active sitting effect and keep your feet moving. Under desk foot rests can be covered with different materials, unlike velvet foot rests, Due to ergonomic design this is a great footrest for different body types, When you use foot rest under desk, OPTIMAL SUPPORT DESK FOOT REST - under desk footrest provides correct position for your back. FOOT REST FOAM CUSHION - ergonomic foot rest office can be used as a rocker when turned with rubber side up to get an active sitting position. The foot rest cushion is also the great help while traveling in the car or airplane. Great footrest on travel in the car, Put your feet on a rubber side and get a better circulation and relax. our foot stool cover is made of mesh, provides comfort feeling, No more foot rests that slide under your feet. FOOT REST PILLOW - unlike other foot rest cushions covered with velvet, As you sit at the desk for a long time. HIGH QUALITY FOOT REST OFFICE - Combines supportive foam, as you work at the desk on your computer or laptop. Do you feel discomfort while sitting for hours at the desk.