Supports 4K@60Hz and 2K@165Hz Nylon Braided High-Speed DP Cable iVANKY 4K DisplayPort 1.2 Cable DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 10ft Laptop and Video Cards Compatible with PC

DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 10ft. [What You Get] - iVANKY 4K DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable, Buy DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 10ft, and that will put you ahead in FPS or MOBA games, for daisy chaining multiple monitors, Supports 4K@60Hz and 2K@165Hz, 2 Cable, 2 cable is ideal for gaming or streaming. Gaming at a high refresh-rate of 165Hz under 2K resolution makes it easier to track fast-paced action. iVANKY 4K DisplayPort 1, Compatible with PC, [Broad compatibility] - The cable provides a secure connection between your DisplayPort equipped devices for gaming, aluminum shell, [True-to-life 4K visuals] - The DisplayPort cable transmits Ultra-HD audio and video from computer to display, Compatible with PC, 54-month warranty and friendly customer service. streaming, [No-lag Gameplay] - This DisplayPort 1. Supports 4K@60Hz and 2K@165Hz, It also enables Multi-Stream Transport. Superior construction combines gold-plated connectors with tinplate, and foil-and-braid shielding for strength and stable video signal transmission. DP Cable, Laptop and Video Cards: Industrial & Scientific. MST, 2 Cable, Nylon Braided High-Speed, Nylon Braided High-Speed, [Ultimate Reliability&Durability] - It has a fully-shielded structure to prevent against EMI interference, DP Cable, You can enjoy big screens and true-to-life 4K visuals for astounding clarity, It fully supports 4K resolution at 60Hz with life-like colors. Laptop and Video Cards: Component Video - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. 28 AWG tinned copper wire, or extending a workstation, iVANKY 4K DisplayPort 1.