Made in the USA Premium Metal Cribbage Pegs 9 Pack

9 Pieces, They will last a lifetime, Made in the USA: Toys & Games. Made in the USA and will last a lifetime, 3 Black, com, 3 Silver, Tapered design that fits 1/8" holes. Designed to be easy to use, Upgrade your cribbage set to this premium 9 piece set of cribbage pegs that are sure to impress, These pegs are designed to fit standard 1/" holes and fit into storage space commonly found on most boards, 3 Gold, For those players looking to upgrade their cribbage boards and their cribbage pegs check out for a premium lineup of cribbage board. Premium Metal Cribbage Pegs, 9 Pack, www, gapple-co, 9 Pack, 1 1/8" in length, Made in the USA: Toys & Games. Premium Metal Cribbage Pegs, Premium Metal Cribbage Pegs.