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Before using a chamois for the first time, it’s important to properly prepare it. Genuine leather chamois mitts are made from sheepskin, which has been tanned with fish oil to make them soft and absorbent, as well as preserve the leather. Before using a new chamois, it is important to remove any excess tanning oils or lint from the buffing process. Following these steps will help ensure that your genuine leather chamois mitt will perform as intended.

Wash the chamois in warm, soapy water. Fill a sink or bucket with warm soapy water. Be sure to use a mild soap designed for cleaning vehicle finishes (car wash soap).

Fold the chamois over several times and wring out thoroughly. When cleaning a chamois, do not use soaps intended for general or other uses. Dish soaps, especially degreasers such as dawn, that are intended to break up grease and oils will strip the protective tanning oils from the chamois cloth leaving the leather unprotected (and if used on a vehicle will completely strip the wax finish). The unprotected leather will become stiff and begin to fall apart. Other degreasers, such as Simple Green, will have the same effect. Laundry detergents will also break down and remove the chamois’ protective tanning oils so laundering or using these types of soaps should also be avoided.

Rinse the chamois thoroughly. Soak the chamois in the clean rinse water. Fold the chamois over several times and twist until all of the water is squeezed out. As excess tanning oils are removed, the soapy water and the rinse water will take on a yellow tint.

Hang the chamois up to dry. Once mitts have been properly cleaned, it is ready for immediate use or can be hung up to dry.

BEST FOR DETAILING – Our detailing car mitt delivers a lint and scratch free shine. Mighty Cleaner detailing shammy can be used for Car, Truck, Motorcycle, Boat or even Home needs. Microfiber detailing towels or any other car detailing products just can’t compare with the shine provided by our mitt.
SAFE – Our mitt is safe on paint and other delicate surfaces! Can be used for both exterior and interior. Just wash it a warm water after it gets dirty.
HOW TO USE – Mighty Cleaner car wash mitt should be soaked into water for 6 hours before first use. Then, it is ready to act.
USE AT HOME – Whenever you need to clean mirrors, windows or put a shine on your furniture or even silver flatware our mitt will be your best friend. Forget about the endless amount of polishing cloths.










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