Mighty Cleaner offers microfiber towels for cars to vehicle owners who care… If you love your car, and want to keep it always clean and shiny, you came to the right place. Between all available car wash stuff on a market, it is very easy to get lost when making your decision on which product is the best. While other try to sell “all purpose” microfiber cleaning cloth for cars, we are staying honest with our customers, sharing our professional car care experience with them.

Mighty Cleaner’s car drying towel microfiber is 540 gsm thick. It is the softest edgeless microfiber towel, and is best if used as a car drying towel. You can of-course use it for washing, but there is nothing better that a shammy towel for this purpose. Please, check our storefront to take a close look on our other care care products. Ok, getting back to our car microfiber towel, this plush microfiber towel is ideal for picking up dust from your car interior, as well as for drying some small amounts of water from outside, as it is lint free too. Our car towel is a perfect solution to give your car the perfect shine that it deserves.

At such an affordable cost, you will receive 6 microfiber car towels. 3 come in black and 3 in yellow. You may separate those car towels for different needs, or just use any color you prefer. We made our car cleaning cloth in a comfortable 12″x12″ size, to be easily fitted in any car glove compartment, doorway or armrest. This size will help you keep our microfiber drying towel close to you and within reach.

If you’re stuck when choosing your next car wash towels, drying will become a joy with Mighty Cleaner, there is no doubt!










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