Trying to keep your sweet ride like new, it’s hard to find the best cleaning tools which will not scratch delicate surfaces and keep them in pristine condition. MIGHTY CLEANER is proud to provide you with some of the best professional car care products on the market for car enthusiasts. Since 2005, our customers have relied on our premium car care accessories to keep their vehicles looking great. If you love your car and want to keep it clean and shiny, our microfiber towels for cars are the best solution.

Exceptionally soft, MIGHTY CLEANER car wash drying towels are the best car care tool for people who are crazy about the cleanliness of their sweet rides. This car wash towel provides a quick and perfect shine and removes every piece of dust from the smallest nooks.

Our car towels microfiber drying cloth is suitable for much more than car care. Their material is soft as a baby’s bottom, so you can use it safely for dusting and cleaning sensitive electronic surfaces. Extra-long fibers remove dirt from the smallest nooks of your favorite furniture while the seamless edges don’t leave any scratches. Finally, they help keep all plastic, chrome, or stainless steel surfaces in your bathroom or kitchen spotless and shiny. A 6-pack of MIGHTY CLEANER towels covers all of your housekeeping tasks.








51 reviews for Edgeless Microfiber Towels for Cars – 6pk (12”x12”) – 540 GSM – Super Soft Drying Towels Car Detailing & Buffing – Scratch-Free – Absorbent Microfiber Cleaning Cloths for Cars

  1. Amazon Customer


  2. Katrina Morris

    Super soft

  3. JL

    Used it for application of ceramic coating on vehicle. Awesome quality , most cheaper towels that are out there have this static like feel to them where the towels really hang up on rough textured skin. These towels do NOT have this feel to them so I will be buying more to replace the ones I have for my motorcycle

  4. candace

    I love these towels! Not too big or too small. Cleans really well…wet or dry! Doesn’t leave lint behind. I work in a restaurant, and these are now the towels we use to clean the door glass….and we use them dry…leaves the doors so clean and clear!
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  5. Tiffani

    If you’re looking for the perfect towels to wash your car with, these are it.They are soo SOFT and FLUFFY. Super absorbent and work great for washing. I was worried with them being edgeless they’d fall apart easy but it hasn’t happened yet. They also work great to quickly get a smudge off the outside of your car or clean up head lights but if you’re going to use them to dry then think about the material of the surface your drying. You might leave lint behind.

  6. Laura B.

    These are very nice towels. I like how soft they are;. I can clean a variety of surfaces, including all parts of my car, as well as computer, tablet, and phone glass, without worrying about the surface getting scratched. The price is reasonable and I’d recommend them to anyone.

  7. Charles Andrews

    Very soft cloth so no scratches. It sucks up the interior dust and good for wiping down the car after washing.
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  8. Lauren Casapulla

    These towels let me do my best work in cleaning my car. From soaking up water to wiping the interior, these do a nice job. I use a second cloth to finish the drying. Very well made cloths. My car is small and I use 3 or 4 towels after washing, including cleaning the windows.

  9. Ohio369

    The only down side is, the black ones faded in the pre use wash cold cycle on to the yellow ones. It doesn’t damage the towels just makes the yellow ones look old and dirty from the get go.

  10. Kampa

    I’ve always used these for detailing my vehicles and they are the best to use on auto glass.

  11. Steven Lawrence

    I use these towels for everything after the a car wash. These towels are very soft and I use them for the polish portion of washing the car. They don’t have any edges. This makes it extra nice and you can use the whole towel instead of avoiding the edges of the towel. They do come in two different colors. Yellow and Black. Which is great to not mix the towels. great towels I would buy again.

  12. James

    They are soft, great for last dry or wide down.

  13. Fred B.

    Seem to be made specifically for my HUMMER!!! So soft! When you think your done waxing,go over it with this towel!!! WOW!!!

  14. RH

    These towels are of high quality and really work well with the ceramic wax is that I use my car is highly recommend them

  15. DD

    Towels are handy for quick cleanups and drying small areas. Towel does retain moisture and does nock wick super well…so I have to be cautious with streaks. Good value and works well.

  16. Chandra

    I bought these to use with a waterless car wash product and they are perfect. So soft I wish I had a blanket like these! No swirls or scratches and fairly absorbent. They washed and dried well, so hope to get many uses out of them. Might also use them on other cleaning projects.

  17. Marooned72

    I actually got these to take care of the matte paint on the gas tank of my Indian FTR. These are soft and absorbent enough that they do the trick. I would recommend these if you’re worried about scratching your paint.

  18. Juval B.

    I really like these towels!!! They are edgeless, super soft and thick!!!!

  19. Amazon Customer

    great product

  20. G. Tovar

    It feels soft to the touch, like when you take your lover to the beach and she or he has been prepping and hydrating for this ideal romantic voyage, the warm sun kissing your skins, the sand is soft and spongy, the squawking seagulls take a poopy on your face…use the microfiber towel to get that excrement off your dome and thank the universe that you and your lover have a funny story to tell the youngins when you try to have a conversation at the dinner table while Becky is considering vaping and Chad can bro down with the best of them, and your lover can’t stand the sight of you anymore, but no worries you have the microfiber towel to dry your eyes and clean up that spill from cheap bottle of wine you keep buying because it’s on special. It can’t take away the pain and agony of your existence, but at least its color coordinated to make sure you don’t mix the colors while you wash. Don’t use fabric softener, it ruins the structure of the fibers of your life choices.
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  21. JReeves

    The towels are super soft and very absorbent. I’m going to order another pack.

  22. Eduardo

    Son suaves y con buena capacidad de absorcion, sin embargo la de color negro desprende el color al mojarse. No note que dañara la pintura del auto, pero no esperaba que eso sucediera.

  23. Carmen M. Vazquez

    Great quality of product. Love using them when cleaning or to dry my car.

  24. Mmmmmhmm

    I like.

  25. Masa

    Love these cloths

  26. DanceTeam

    We were thinking that these would be a lower quality because of the price. We were wrong. They are the best we have used.

  27. M. Castro

    Higher quality than expected. I don’t know how much softer or safer the black towels can be. Very gentle. Would buy again.

  28. M. Castro

    Higher quality than expected. I don’t know how much softer or safer the black towels can be. Very gentle. Would buy again.

  29. Vivian

    These are the nicest towels for dusting,polishing and whipping fingerprints off glass. Just throw them in the washing machine and they come out like new!Purchased them for car cleaning but use them around the house all the time

  30. Tyler

    Very soft works well.

  31. JSCst

    I’ve tried just about every brand of microfiber on clear plastic and always get tiny scratches… Until now. With these towels, I can put some elbow grease into a final buffing and wind up with crystal clear plastic.

  32. Linda Bull

    I love the way they feel and I am currently using them to dust my furniture. Fine dust and particles stick to the towels and does a great job.
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  33. Special Nut

    The rags are plush but when I washed them the black bled all over. Now my white ones and yellow ones look grey and dirty. Very disappointed and upsetting. I’ve never had microfiber bleed before. I would send them back but threw out the packing.

    Update: Excellent customer service. I WILL give this company another try!

  34. Steve McCord

    Once washed In micro fiber soap are perfect
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  35. John V

    These are incredibly soft and the edge less design has left my cars paint swirl free. I use these with quick spray Ceramic 3N1 from Griots garage. And to wipe down my interior. Great product

  36. SuHo

    The towels are very soft and absorbant. They work well, do not leave lint or residue. I am pleased!
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  37. Darryl Gibbs

    Perfect size, soft and very absorbent. Bet quick vehicle damp wipe rag I’ve seen.

  38. Dan

    Very soft and absorbing material

  39. Jtchamp

    Perfect towels for my car, won’t scratch

  40. C Jones

    I like the soft feel and ease of applying coating with the two colors black and yellow so you know which is one has the coating

  41. Bdawgbrewer

    Use these just for buffing after ceramic coating, they are super soft, and way better than the bulk yellow costco towels that I mainly use for window cleaning. Very happy with this product.

  42. ester

    absorbent,easy to use in washing the cars

  43. Donni

    Haven’t used them yet but very soft. Should do well

  44. kurt campbell

    Seemed like a good idea at the time, but they are really pretty small. Probably my fault for not being careful in reading description.

  45. Michael Robertson

    I’m impressed by their effective absorption. Dried car with every swipe.

  46. John J Cronin,Jr

    The product exactly as I hoped

  47. Christopher Duru

    Yes, I can confirm both the Yellow and the Black Bleeds its color, but the towel is very smooth and soft to use. If you are a first-time buyer and want to use it, first of all, soak the black towels and the yellow towels in water separately for 24 hours with little bleach and detergent.
    After that, the colors that were supposed to stain your car while cleaning will be gone, you will enjoy the towels.
    Hope that helps.

  48. Amazon Customer

    Very soft, no fuzzy stuff left on the car. Will buy again for Christmas presents!

  49. Ronald Russell

    They are great values for just about anything including cars, furniture, windows mirrors, etc. I don’t know how long they will last but I’ll buy more for sure.

  50. Chris Netska

    Super absorbent. Really nice. Just smaller than I expected. Guess I should have read the size details.

  51. Laura B.

    These are very nice towels. I like how soft they are;. I can clean a variety of surfaces, including all parts of my car, as well as computer, tablet, and phone glass, without worrying about the surface getting scratched. The price is reasonable and I’d recommend them to anyone.

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