Ever heard the saying a clean house is a happy house? Same goes for a car and with MIGHTY CLEANER professional car care products, your car will be cleaner than your grandma’s house during family get-togethers. The compact size of our shammy towels are the perfect accessory for any driver on the go, whether you are on the run from the cops or going for a drive to visit a relative, our shammy can fit in your glove or Arm Rest compartment.

Since 2005, our customers have relied on our premium car care accessories to keep their vehicles looking great. Our chamois cloth for car will take on all jobs big or small.

MIGHTY CLEANER will provide you a three-pack kit of cleaning and drying сhamies for cars that are made from high-quality synthetic material which feels as if you’re holding your own personal cloud. The small size (17”x13”) makes it the ideal rag for washing those tight areas of your vehicle. This practical size allows you to reach your vehicle’s smallest nooks and crannies whereas a large rag will not be able to accomplish the task.

The chamois car drying towel is designed to be durable and long-lasting. Your car chamois drying towel kit also comes with an extra towel for you to keep as a helping hand. For best results, store your chamies for cars slightly damp, in their storage tubes to prevent them from hardening. By taking care of your MIGHTY CLEANER products properly, they will serve you for many years.


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