Mighty Cleaner shammy cloth was designed to be your favorite item for cleaning and dusting all kinds of surfaces. Your car shammy towel acts like a squeegee because it is crafted from Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA), an eco-friendly premium synthetic. The highly-absorbent material quickly dries your car to a sparkling shine without streaking. The shammy towel for car maintenance removes dust and small dirt particles without scratching your car’s finish.

The handy size (17”x13”) makes it perfect for washing your car, motorcycle or bicycle. Our shamie for car uses exclusive fibers to attract moisture and dirt. The practical size allows you to reach your vehicle’s small nooks and crannies where a large rag won’t fit. This multi-purpose cleaning tool is more than just for car care. It’s perfect for soaking up carpet spills, cleaning bathroom and shower tiles, and leaves your windows squeaky clean.

These car drying chamois wipes are designed to be long-lasting. With proper maintenance, your car chamois will serve you for many years. Remember to store your towel in its convenient storage tube while not in use. To preserve the life of your chamois cloth for car care, it should be stored slightly damp to prevent the cloth from hardening. By storing your Mighty Cleaner chamois towel properly, it will be ready for use at a moment’s notice. The Mini Shammy Towel octagonal product container is a Trademark of Mighty Cleaner.



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