Ever heard the saying a clean house is a happy house? Same goes for a car and with MIGHTY CLEANER professional car care products, your car will be cleaner than your grandma’s house during family get-togethers. The compact size of our shammy towels are the perfect accessory for any driver on the go, whether you are on the run from the cops or going for a drive to visit a relative, our shammy can fit in your glove or Arm Rest compartment.

Since 2005, our customers have relied on our premium car care accessories to keep their vehicles looking great. Our chamois cloth for car will take on all jobs big or small.

MIGHTY CLEANER will provide you a three-pack kit of cleaning and drying сhamies for cars that are made from high-quality synthetic material which feels as if you’re holding your own personal cloud. The small size (17”x13”) makes it the ideal rag for washing those tight areas of your vehicle. This practical size allows you to reach your vehicle’s smallest nooks and crannies whereas a large rag will not be able to accomplish the task.

The chamois car drying towel is designed to be durable and long-lasting. Your car chamois drying towel kit also comes with an extra towel for you to keep as a helping hand. For best results, store your chamies for cars slightly damp, in their storage tubes to prevent them from hardening. By taking care of your MIGHTY CLEANER products properly, they will serve you for many years.

50 reviews for Premium Mini Chamois Cloth for Car – (2 Pack + 1 Towel Free) – 17”x13” – Super Absorbent Car Shammy Towel – Scratch-Free Shammy Cloth for Car

  1. Cheryl Ventura

    My husband is a fanatic about his car. This cloth does an excellent job.

  2. Tac1

    I’ve had real leather chamois used for drying off my cars and motorcycles, however with the real leather becoming harder and more expensive to replace old worn out pieces I took a chance on an alternative replacement and I’m glad I did. These towels will soak up tons of water, a quick squeeze and you’re back to wiping off excess water just like real chamois do! These towels wipe smoothly along paint surfaces and do not scratch it at all. Makes washing and drying my rides much much faster than using a normal cotton towel.

  3. Ravin

    I used to own and operate my own auto detail business and always used these type of chamois but finding them in any auto stores is impossible. They are absorbent and very soft on your paint., and when they get old (Which takes a while) don’t toss them out, they are great to use on your cloth seats to bring out the color and take out top stains.

  4. Kamilia

    This product does its job

  5. CaptainErnie

    used on boat….fantastic!

  6. Christina W.

    I’m “old school” used chamois when I helped my father dry his car. MY girls (14 & 26) had NO CLUE what a chamois was. “How is THIS going to dry the cars?” WELL….they are hooked!! We had a car wash and dried cars faster than other people using towels! LOVE THESE! Very soft and thirsty! Good Value!!

  7. Ang

    Yeah. They are good. My car window had some bird poop on it and it cleaned up really well. Tho its probs just a one time use. Cuz i only used a section of one towel and put it back in its little case thing. And after like a week it didn’t clean up as well. But I heard car dealerships use these towels so would recommend.
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  8. Meghan Elizabeth

    I finally found a great stamp shammy with a huge size and reasonable price. ESSENTIAL IN MY CRAFT ROOM! I cut one of the large yellow shammies into 4 pieces. Cleans clear photopolymer and rubber stamps great WITHOUT ANY LINT/debris! Also, the plastic air tight container that it comes in keeps it moist for the next use. Crafters, especially stampers – you won’t regret this purchase.

  9. Elissa

    My husband loves it! It is very soft and has great absorbency!

  10. Alex

    I got these for my job as a car photographer to dry off cars before shooting, and I have to say these are perfect for what I do. Something small (nice that it’s a two pack), and it’s has its own storage container for easy carry. Definitely convenient and travel size. Great quality, soft if well cared for, and easy storage.
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  11. Gregory A. Lazzaro

    For the money no complaints, trully a bargain!

  12. Amazon Customer

    Works perfect, makes car shine with no water marks

  13. Lynn Schimpf

    The clothes do as they state. Good size and absorbancy.

  14. Joe

    Kind of small, but works great!

  15. Amazon Customer

    These are an excellent choice for the value. I would highly recommend this product.

  16. Sean Morris

    Good Towel – Works great

  17. Richard E. Mosley

    I like everything.

  18. Mike J.

    Great shammy good size I used it to dry off my motorcycle

  19. sbassman

    Well pleased

  20. Tucker

    Great !

  21. Maribel

    Best product for cleaning windows and mirrors. No need to use window cleaners.

  22. DBR

    this is almost a perfect product for so many uses… you can wipe water off your car to prevent water drop remains on the paint. they can be washed in the laundry, they dry quickly and for a use you may not know about…. try using them on a hot summer day to keep the sun off your head and or shoulders, to prevent sunburn, and when wet they can also help reduce how hot you are or feel in the sun.
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  23. Ron Waara


  24. linda g adkins

    Great product. As good as advertised

  25. Anthony C Williams

    Works perfectly, just as described.

  26. Clilly

    So far I’ve used it for my appliances in my house it does a great job. I will soon be using one for my car also.

  27. Cristhian Castillo

    Esta artículo cumple con la descripción provista por el vendedor. Recomendado 100%

  28. levans

    Nice kit and easy stores in car with little space needed. We have a black and chrome suv and this handles the job perfect

  29. A. Molloy

    We are using this in our shower and really like the quality!
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  30. Jim Kirker

    At first they were too tacky, would always lose my grip with it, because it was too sticky on the paint surface. I liked my old real chamois better. But I kept using it for lack of something better. Today was about the 10th use and I’ve adjusted how I hold it. Yes it holds 10x more than my old real chamois, but I have no clue how long these last for. It needs to be 800 car washes over 20 years to match my old real chamois.

    Considering the price, they appear to have value so far. Not jumping for joy over them yet, maybe they get better after more use. Not being as sticky to the paint surface. Gave 5 stars because they actually work well and seems to be durable.

  31. Yves Harel

    Like it

  32. tal sagi

    Good product, good price, my car like this.
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  33. David Lopez

    These are amazing. I’ve used them a few times and can dry your truck in a few minutes. Soft No scratching and no water spots.
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  34. Karina Popa


  35. Carlos J.

    The product fulfill my expectations, and delivery was on time.

  36. Aaron Peppers

    Product is excellent

  37. Angel

    Good product

  38. LorChaBud

    I love using chamois clothes for my beading projects. It keeps the beads from rolling around and when I’m done for the day, I roll it up and keep all my beads, thread, needles, and findings all in one place. The punches work smoothly without leaving my paper stained. Combine that with sharpening the punches with aluminum foil and you have a match made in craft heaven.

  39. mali

    I like it

  40. pgoody

    soft, flexible and tough. dedicating this pair to my auto window cleaning, and they are working great. Finally getting streak free windows. use them for what you like they are a great investment,
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  41. Rolando Flores

    Cumplen bien su cometido.

  42. Amazillionshopper

    Good size and nice products

  43. gerry fortier

    works well

  44. Ernest T.

    The free one comes loose, no bottle to store in. Keep it in a ziplock bag.

  45. Vanessa

    Perfectas para lo que las necesito. Vienen un poco duras pero al mejorarlas se ponen bien. Absorben bastante y secan super bien. Las amo.

  46. Gema Carreras

    Son absorbente, suaves y no deja residuos, ni marcas como otras, un gran valor por tu dinero.

  47. Michael Lowe

    Use product for cleaning my van and cars- woks great, would buy again-

  48. Richard P. Waterman

    I love this product. You need to keep in mind that you have to ring it out a lot for it to absorb more. We use it on a black car and it eliminates the water spots after washing. Wringing it out well when finished, hang it up for a little bit and put it back into the container a little moist.
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  49. P. Robey

    Yellow one does great but feels a bit rubbery but absorbed well and no lint on black van. Blue one isn’t good at all, started to shred right away.

  50. Joe

    Amazing product

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