Have you ever heard that the goal of cleaning is not just to clean but to sense that happy feeling you get from living in a clean environment? Professional car care products from MIGHTY CLEANER will help you to keep your sweet ride as clean as a new pin giving you that new-car feeling every day. These chamois towels are great for removing dust particles or those annoying water spots left behind after a car wash to make your car perfect.

Since 2005, our customers have relied on our premium car care accessories to keep their vehicles looking great. So rest assured, our chamois cloth for car will meet all of your cleaning needs.

MIGHTY CLEANER not only perfectly dries your car’s exterior, but also makes dust removal from your car’s interior a snap. Clean the dashboard, door pockets, or leather seats. Your shammy drying towel is also ideal for many household tasks, such as soaking up carpet spills, cleaning your bathroom and shower tiles, and leaves your windows squeaky clean. This makes it a universal drying towel.

MIGHTY CLEANER will provide you a three-pack kit of cleaning and drying shammies for cars with one free towel, so you will always have an additional helping hand. They are made from high-quality synthetic material which feels as if you’re holding a cloud in the palm of your hand. Its convenient size (26”x17”) makes it the ideal towel for delicate washing and drying your vehicle as well as for many different things around the house. Fresh and easy-to-distinguish colors will allow you to intend particular colors for each kind of use.


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