Are you tired of changing home or car towels? Tired from bad quality materials? – You have to try Mighty Cleaner shammy towel for car!!!
This chamois cloth for car is not going to leave any wet or dirty spot on your car or kitchen, as it catches all that immediately. At the same time, it is really easy to clean this car drying towel chamois. It absorbs more water than any other towel can do and makes it faster than any other material can do. Home/car shammy towel was created to be machine washable. This car wash cloth will last for many years. It is proven to be #1 car car drying chamois.

Mighty Cleaner shammy cloth designed to be a perfect solution for cleaning liquids and dust from different surfaces. PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol) – is synthetic car chamois which is ecologically friendly material and absorbs liquids extremely fast. This chamois towel for car also picks up dust and small dirt particles. This is why this chamois car towel will serve your cleaning needs in the best possible way.

When you will receive your Mighty Cleaner, it will come in a plastic tube. It is VERY IMPORTANT to store your super absorbent towel in this container for all the time other than in use. The plastic tube helps towel to stay moist and be ready for use at any time. It will get hard if left to dry, but after you put it in the water – it is ready to for use again.

How to use:

– Remove your car drying towel from a plastic bag and leave it in a warm water for 3 min.

– Then, wring out your Mighty Cleaner.

– Use your shammy cloth to soak liquid or clean dust.

– Always store your Mighty Cleaner in a plastic tube. Keep the towel a little wet.

– It is machine washable. But do not put it in a dryer, it will ruin it.

– If this shammy becomes hard, leave it in a water for 3 minutes.


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