Then we are sure that the average car care products are not for you. However, if you’re reading this, you’re in the right place. MIGHTY CLEANER is proud to provide you with some of the best professional car care products on the market. Since 2005, our customers have relied on our premium car care accessories to keep their vehicles looking great. So rest assured, our chamois cloth for car will meet all of your cleaning needs.

Your MIGHTY CLEANER car wash towels not only perfectly dry your car’s exterior, but also makes dust removal from your car’s interior a snap. Clean the dashboard, door pockets, or leather seats. Your chamois car drying towel is also ideal for many household tasks, such as soaking up carpet spills, cleaning your bathroom and shower tiles, and leaves your windows squeaky clean. This makes it a universal shammy drying towel.

Our shammy cloth is designed to be long-lasting. With proper maintenance, it will serve you for many years. Remember to store your chamois towel in its convenient storage tube while not in use. To preserve the life of your car chamois, it should be stored slightly damp to prevent the cloth from hardening. By storing your MIGHTY CLEANER car chamois drying towel properly, it will be ready for use at a moment’s notice.

MIGHTY CLEANER products will be great gifts for your friends who are real car enthusiasts.









33 reviews for Premium Chamois Cloth for Car Drying – 26”x17” – Super Absorbent Reusable Shammy Towel for Car + Storage Tube – Scratch…

  1. James hibbard


  2. Spencer Williams

    You will be saying “WOW” every time you use this towel.

  3. L. Killmer

    I really enjoy washing my sport cars. As part of the process I like to finish using a chamois to eliminate water spots. on both the body and windows. I find that the chamois from Mighty-X are of high quality, very absorbent, easy to clean and at a great price!

  4. leon

    It works great! Just don’t let it get dry.

  5. John B.

    I finally found the Shammy I have been searching for. When I was younger, I would work for this elder couple and they always had a shammy where I would clean their windows with Vinegar, Water and the Shammy and they always came out with no streaks and squeaky clean. Thank You, this Shammy works the same way, I am very pleased.

  6. Happy customer

    It is a real gem, and original one.

  7. Amazon Customer

    Almost works to good! This thing drinks some water!

  8. Dennis Brown

    Cut it half to make it easier to use. Works great.

  9. C. Baldwin

    Nice shammy, good price, will buy again when this ones usefulness is complete.

  10. Amazon Customer

    I like it

  11. Baianada Prime

    Very nice towel for drying the car. It really absorbs the water

  12. Brent

    It’s a really good chamois. Good quality last long time. I’ve watched it a few times. but does it’s good job and extremely durable this is a must-have if you like to wash your car at a carwash or at home. Super absorbent. just as good as any product that I’ve had when I worked at a car dealership in my younger years.

  13. Tootis

    These have worked great. Just what we needed.
    Would recommend.


    Durable and will last. Absorbs well. It does take a few times to break it in but that’s the case with all shammys

  15. Roger

    My second one of these. Very good quality and ot works just as advertised.

  16. Elibeth J.

    This product worked beautifully! It soaks up the water from the car very well. When it starts to leave water behind, you know it’s time to wring it out, which I did, and then it would soak up the water again. It was also very easy to clean the dirt from it afterward. Just wash it in warm soap and water, as per the instructions. Then wring it out and store it back in its container in a damp state.

  17. Amazon Customer

    it is so nice to use on the new car.

  18. walter tokunaga

    Works great!

  19. Amazon Customer

    It was super absorbing. Worked great on my new truck after washing it.

  20. Gia

    Works very well ! Leaves car shiny & sparkling
    Clean ! Great size Chamois & good price.

  21. mary jane

    I’ve used it almost daily for two months And it works well and it’s durable. I keep it in the plastic container it came with. No scratching on anything you use it on. Super absorbent.

  22. Timothy J. Higgins

    Easy to use works very well removing the water off the surface of the car and truck.

  23. Alliance Claims & Equipment Services

    This is a great product it is very absorbent and can be used over and over for several years. Prefect for the do it your self detailer and for home use.

  24. Irene

    This is a great chamois. The storage container is very nice.

  25. michael o. fagan

    This cloth works great on the car. Love it. This is the second one I purchased.

  26. laurie bessette

    I forgot how important a good shammy is! My only frustration, and I know it’s important to keep the container tightly sealed, is the container was REALLY difficult to open (and shut). But no huge dealbreaker there!

  27. Art Harrington

    My previous shammy dried out and simple wore out. This one works just as well and the price was fair. The size is good and the absorbency isn’t bad.

  28. DCoen

    Very happy with the product. Use them to dry the car after washing the cars

  29. Dead Poets Society

    Exactly what I wanted. A real honest to goodness shammy cloth. Thanks. Absorbed all the water like nothing.

  30. Jennifer Bailey

    I have been using one as a travel towel for 20 years. This also works as a cooling towel on a hot day. Wet it and let it sit on your neck and it will cool you down. I love it.

  31. Gabriel

    Quick absorbing rag. Durable for the material type. Light press washing to clean. Can’t complain as a detailer.

  32. Michael Walker

    Great shammy for the money you will receive two of them. Great deal and work as they described in the description.

  33. Amazon Customer

    Great absorbancy, dries quickly for the next use.

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